Road description Rondane

Set the gps to Sollia near Rondane national park, its a incredible beautiful road! You take road 219 past Sollia and follow it until you get to road 27, then you follow that road past Atnabrua and Sohlbergplassen, there is alot to see and do around here. Now you can just follow that road and look at the beautiful scenery.

This road ends up in a small town called Folldal where they have a food market
wich have very good Pizza, highly recommended!

Now comes the best part! You can take a shortcut thru the valley on a road called Grimsdalsvegen, and its an absolut must! Its just before you come to Folldal on road 27. It was the best thing about this trip, just incredible scenery! When you have driven that road to the end, you come to a town called Dovre that lays in a big beautiful valley!

Now you should take road E6 south to a town called Otta, there you take Rondanevegen up the hill, and follow that road to a hiking starting point called Spranget. From there you can take a 6km walk to Rondvassbu turisthytte. I promis its worth it!

And on your way home, when you are driving on E6 south passing Lillehammer dont miss to check out Flokafallet ner Vingrom!

Map of the roads I took
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